Match Report
Clifton School Boys-U11A vs  Chukkas vs Glenwood
On: Thursday, 14 Mar 2019
Venue: at Home

The Clifton boys came up against a very well drilled and organized Glenwood Prep team. In the first chukka the Clifton boys found it very tough. Defensively we struggled to contain the powerful Glenwood forward pack who set a good platform for their backline. Also some soft missed tackles didn't help either. However in the second chukka Clifton boys showed true fighting spirit and came back into the game nicely. Our boys started tackling better, our boys started shifting the ball quicker into wider spaces where not only did they gain ground but our backline showed good pace when attacking. With majority of possession, our boys managed to score a try and almost scored another. In the last chukka the Clifton boys yet again showed more fighting spirit by improving on defense. and only conceding one try. Overall after being shell-shocked in the first chukka the boys showed courage and put in a lot of effort from the second chukka. They showed true fighting spirit especially for a team playing 15-man rugby for the very first time and against a team who've played 15-man rugby for a year and couple months and who've also gone on tour before. There is obviously a lot of hard work ahead however there was enough positive signs in the game to indicate that this group of boys will get better and stronger together.